Transport, distribution and logistics group Value Logistics has replaced
outdated copiers and printers at its 22 branches countrywide following its
purchase of multifunctional devices from Itec North East.

"As one of the largest and most comprehensive transport and logistics
companies in South Africa, we rely on our automated office equipment like
printers and faxes to keep the business up and running," says Tracey le
Roux, marketing manager at Value Logistics. "If we cannot make copies,
parcels and other items cannot be delivered and the company comes to a
As one example, Le Roux noted that Value Logistics delivered a record 92 356
items in one day in November 2007. "This type of operation obviously relies
on a fully functioning back office at our depots, warehouses and sorting
facilities," she adds.
It was for this reason that Value Logistics cancelled its contract with
another supplier and moved its business to Itec North East. "We gave Itec a
try and the level of customer service we received convinced us to move our
contract," says Le Roux. "Itec's competitive pricing was also a factor, but
we made up our minds as the service levels became apparent to us over time."
Le Roux says that in contrast to most office automation providers who
function as box droppers, Itec has consistently demonstrated its commitment
to customer satisfaction. "In this industry, it is well known that suppliers
are often arrogant because they know they have bargaining power over the
client; that was not the case with Itec."
Jeremy Dyer, MD of Itec North East, adds: "Another determining factor was
Itec's national footprint, which echoes Value Logistics' own. This makes it
easy for us to meet all service and product needs – including paper and
consumables – of all Value Logistics branches around the country."