South Africa's current regulated wireless broadband space is about to get a
shake-up. Cisco has collaborated with Dimension Data making it one of the
leading providers of wireless broadband solutions to the networking arena on
African soil.

"As a trusted advisor to many of South Africa's blue chip companies,
Dimension Data is positioned to offer world-class wireless broadband
solutions from the industry leader in this technology, Cisco," says Pieter
Steenekamp, GM: Advanced Infrastructure, Dimension Data Middle East and
"In today's data intensive business environment, there is an increasing
demand for business to provide its users with mobile broadband solutions
which allow them to connect to their company's network any place, any time,
from any device," explains Andy Oldfield,  manager: sales business
development from Cisco. "The partnership with Dimension Data enables us to
deliver on the Cisco Mobility Vision and also the Broadband Commitment which
aims to accelerate broadband penetration worldwide."
Since Cisco announced the acquisition of Navini Networks in October 2007,
the company has positioned itself as a pioneer in the wireless broadband
solutions market," adds Steenekamp, "Our global alliance creates a winning
combination of Cisco's technology and Dimension Data's delivery and support
Dimension Data's Advanced Infrastructure business is proud to have been
selected as Cisco's first WiMax business partner in South Africa – a
decision it believes is attributable to its existing Cisco WiMax
certification and full-scale laboratory. The partnership will go a long way
to enhancing the company's participation in the African market by bridging
the digital divide.
"There is a definite correlation between productivity and GDP growth.
Governments and business need to continue working together to build the IT
infrastructure to ensure the competitiveness of their economies, businesses
and jobs in the future," Oldfield adds.
At a recent ITEX symposium held in Nigeria, Dimension Data highlighted the
fundamental role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in
enabling growth in Africa and the role of ICT in sustainability in business,
education and health sectors. ICT is seen as a catalyst in the global
development of Africa where sometimes limited physical infrastructure cannot
deter the advancements that can be made by making use of technology.
However the future pans out for South African and African markets – watching
the months ahead will be interesting; as we witness how these cost-effective
and more reliable wireless broadband solutions meet and compete with the
current technology in the same arena.