Local IT distributor Esquire Technologies has introduced the new range of
Iris pens, scanners and card scanners that complement a technocentric
business world, adding seamless efficiency to the compilation and storage of

The range comprises pen and card scanners that are compatible with Windows
Vista and come with standard USB ports.
Mahomed Cassim, sales and marketing director at Esquire says, "The
comprehensive range of pen and card scanners is designed to gather
information with ease. Add to that affordability and demand for digital
capturing and storage devices, and you have the reasons why we believe this
leading global product range will be a great success."
The IRISCard 4 mini is a handy accessory for scanning paper business cards
and keeping up-to-date contacts in your preferred electronic contacts
manager. Supported in 217 countries with a scan to email feature, the
IRISCard 4 mini also exports contact information to programmes such as Excel
with ease,  as well as synchronising with Palm Desktop.
The new IRISCard PRO 4 is a competent business card scanner, capable of
capturing information and instantly creating an electronic contact. The
portable IRISCan express 2 not only colour scans to PDF, Word and emails,
but comes standard with a editing suite.
Also advancing the era of information gathering is the new IRISPen executive
6, a fully featured OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanner that
functions like a highlighter, inserting text into both MAC and PC software.
The IRISPen translator 6, weighing in at only 56grams, scans the text of
eleven different languages and translates them into the language
conversation of the user's choice.
Cassim adds, "It's suitable for people on the move, fitting easily in a
laptop case. The choice of languages in the translation bouquet means that
there are few places in the world where you'd be lost in translation."
The entry level product of this new range is the IRISPen express 6, which
can scan images, signatures and small graphics in greyscale and transport
them immediately into any Excel, Word or email document.