To help organisations more readily institute hardware and software changes
to their Oracle Database systems, including upgrades to Oracle Database 11g,
Oracle has announced that Oracle Real Application Testing now features
support for all releases of Oracle Database 10g, and Oracle9i Database
Release 2.

Oracle Real Application Testing allows organisations to undertake database
and operating system upgrades as well as make hardware and system changes to
meet the needs of the business while reducing the cost and risk of change.
Specifically, Oracle Real Application Testing facilitates the testing and
validation of system changes by recording a workload from a production
system and replaying with all of its original characteristics such as
timing, concurrency, and transaction dependencies, on another system for
testing purposes.
The software also analyzes the impact of a change on application performance
by identifying degraded SQL statements and advising how to remediate them.
This two-fold approach enables rigorous testing of changes and helps
organizations improve quality of service while reducing the time, risk and
cost of testing such changes.  Oracle Real Application Testing reduces the
cost of testing and quality assurance by eliminating the need for extra
hardware and third-party software as well as by reducing testing time from
weeks down to days.
Oracle Real Application Testing is a key component of Oracle's comprehensive
application quality management solutions, helping organisations address
testing needs for the entire application environment encompassing packaged
and custom SOA applications, middleware, database, and underlying
infrastructure.  These solutions offer strong synthetic load testing,
real-workload testing, functional testing and comprehensive test management
"Testing and implementing significant new capabilities in an IT environment
can take months as IT staffs grapple with reproducing their production
environments," says William Hardie, vice president of Database Product
Marketing, Oracle.  "Oracle Real Application Testing enables IT staff to
help test changes against real-life conditions and fine-tune changes before
they go live?speeding deployments to two weeks or less in some cases.
"In response to customer demand, we're extending Oracle Real Application
Testing to earlier releases of Oracle Database – which will help to further
drive the adoption of Oracle Database 11g."