Infor recently announced the latest version of Infor PLM Runtime, a
comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution for the apparel
and footwear manufacturing industries.

With nearly 40 new features, the new version includes tools to help
manufacturers enhance collaboration with suppliers and improve the
efficiency and timeliness of new product development and introduction
processes. Infor PLM Runtime enables apparel and footwear manufacturers to
design, source and deliver innovative products.
Jane Thomson, MD of Infor distributor Softworx, says that in today's fashion
industry, rapid style changes dictate that the lifecycle of seasonal product
lines may only be a few weeks. This narrow window requires manufacturers to
improve supplier collaboration as part of a more efficient supply chain.
"When changes occur throughout the supply chain, Infor PLM Runtime enables
companies to adjust without disrupting their normal business processes,
reducing the risk of not meeting customer requirements," Thomson explains.
"In addition, a new self-service feature enables suppliers to access
real-time information, simplifying communication across the entire supply
chain and significantly reducing shipping costs and production time."
New features in Infor PLM Runtime include:
* Supplier delivery management, which ensures on-time and on-budget delivery
of components from multiple vendors to the manufacturer.
* Cross-brand checking, which enables companies who design and produce
multiple brands in the same manufacturing facility to ensure the consistency
and integrity of each brand.
* More universal symbols for care labels, eliminating the need to translate
care instructions for products sold globally.
* Sample order processing, which permits multiple bids to be sent to vendors
and automatically converted to sales orders. This capability allows
manufacturers to assess new brands and vendors without impacting the
production process.
* Improved cost calculators allow manufacturers to model for multiple
production and supplier scenarios and make trade-offs as necessary to
minimise costs. With this enhancement, companies can identify and certify
secondary and tertiary suppliers to source materials quickly and ensure
accurate costing.