Reallusion has announced Version 5 of CrazyTalkT, an innovative yet
easy-to-use software application known for the ability to make any photo or
image talk.

CrazyTalk 5 will be distributed by Phoenix Software in South Africa.
CrazyTalk 5 adds hands-on movie animation interactivity with the power to
puppet facial expressions and animation in real-time.
With the software, novices and experienced users can turn photos into
life-like digital puppet performance for films, web videos, podcasts, blogs,
machinima and classroom projects.
The technology in CrazyTalk 5 is much like the tools used in Hollywood
films, children's television and major brand commercials to create live,
talking characters and animals.
With the software, users can transform their PC into a face-animating movie
studio for producing entertaining movies and videos for training, e-learning
and websites. Any digital photo or image can be used to create a talking
character that comes to life as an actor, automatically lip synching to the
recorded audio and enlivened by a broad range of emotions.
Consumers and professionals alike can enjoy the increased productivity
enabled by new CrazyTalk 5 features such as the ability to explore/save
motion clips without having to purchase expensive extra equipment. In
addition, the character animation feature has been enhanced to add more
personality and emotive control.
When combined with the CrazyTalk 5's revolutionary real-time puppeteering
panel, these capabilities enable users to perform character animation and
record their mouse movements, resulting in facial motion capture control
using any mouse or human interface device.
The ultimate facial animation solution, CrazyTalk 5 has also been enhanced
with a host of new features and tools.