Channel Data, a South African distributor partner of Juniper Networks, has
released details of a new application platform aimed at providing
distributed enterprises with a scalable approach to accelerating application
delivery over wide area networks (WANs) while limiting licensing costs.

The Juniper Networks WXC 1800 is a member of the new family of WXC hardware
platforms, promising higher performance, upgradability, rationalisation and
overall manageability in line with Juniper's other solutions and
The WXC 1800, which maintains compatibility with the current Juniper
platform range, is designed to help businesses improve application response
times, control and prioritise key applications while offering a four-fold
increase in bandwidth at lower cost.
Mike Hamilton, Channel Data MD, says the implication for users with current
WAN bandwidth restrictions – at 64K or 128K – is that there will be no
further cost increases until their bandwidth is increased beyond 512kbps.
"As the majority of branch links in SA are pegged at 128kbps, this new
platform provides a much more cost-effective option," he says. "As
convergence of services is introduced, with data, voice and – ultimately –
video being transmitted down the same link, there will be a need to double
and even quadruple bandwidth.
"With this new platform the initial investment will cover these increments
with no further upgrading of the speed license required in the short to
medium term."
Hamilton says that in line with two other recently released Juniper
platforms – the WXC2600 and WXC3400 – the speed licensing model is also
greatly simplified. There are now only two upgrade steps – to 1Mbps and then
to 2Mbps.