Illovo Sugar has, for the third consecutive contractual term, selected Bytes
Systems Integration (SI) to facilitate its Microsoft Enterprise Licensing
Agreement. The agreement is for the entire Illovo Group and will cater for
over 2230 users and 86 servers at fifteen Illovo sites, across six African

Illovo Sugar is a leading, global, low-cost sugar producer and a significant
manufacturer of high-value downstream products. The group is Africa's
biggest sugar producer and has extensive agricultural and manufacturing
operations in six African countries.
"IT is a critical component of our business, and has become an ever
important aspect in the running of all of our business and office systems.
Currently our entire communications infrastructure including our group email
is being run on the Microsoft platform, an indication of how important the
software is to us as an organisation.
"With the full extent of our operations throughout Africa, it is imperative
that our users are supplied with current technology to ensure that we are
able to take advantage of new, effective and efficient ways in which to use
technology in our every day business processes," says Dave Schaller, GM:
Group IT at Illovo Sugar Limited.

Business and technology goals
With the sheer size of the sugar producers operations, the company requires
an efficient working environment, based on an extensive network. Working
with such a large network of satellite offices requires the latest high-end
server technology, as well as the most robust network.
Although the Microsoft agreement renewal is only a small part of Illovo's
entire infrastructure outsource agreement with Bytes, it forms an integral
part of its IT systems and business requirements. By consistently renewing
its Microsoft Licensing Enterprise Agreement Illovo ensures that it benefits
from the latest Microsoft technologies, and is able to keep its MS software
environment up to date and running efficiently.
As an existing customer the company has built a strong relationship with
Bytes SI and views it as a trusted advisor.  As a Microsoft Large Account
Reseller (LAR) and Gold partner, Bytes is able to provide Illovo with the
latest Microsoft technology to support all of their business applications,
planning, budgeting, administration and communication processes through the
licensing agreement.
The extensive scope of the solution reinforces Illovo's faith in Bytes SI's
capabilities, with this being the third renewal of the Microsoft Licensing
Enterprise agreement, with each contractual period extending five-year
"We work on an open book cost plus basis, and endeavour to obtain the best
deal for the software purchased on Illovo's behalf. Bytes also works on the
entire IT infrastructure budget for Illovo, as part of the outsource
agreement, this includes the Microsoft licences," says John Taylor,
divisional MD of KZN Bytes Technology Group.

The renewal of the Microsoft agreement coincides with a major tech-refresh
project which will include the upgrading, implementation and support of
Illovo Sugar's local area networks, servers, as well as all desktop
applications and operating system software.
Consistently finding technology upgrades that correspond with Illovo's
budget, future technology upgrades, existing mix of technologies and
applications was a top priority for Bytes SI.  It is against this backdrop
that the company suggested an upgrade to the latest Microsoft Server and
Exchange server software.
The Microsoft licence renewal is part of the strategic infrastructure
planning process Bytes SI is in the process of completing for Illovo. The
renewal will ensure Illovo are able to deploy the latest Microsoft operating
systems and technologies when needed. It will enable Illovo to upgrade to
the latest version of MS SQL and Exchange in the planned server refresh
project this year. As part of the implementation Illovo will also deploy key
components of Microsoft Systems Centre and will lay the ground work for the
future operating system upgrade projects.
"The nature of the working partnership we have with the sugar giant, is a
good reference for Bytes based on the scope of the project and our long term
relationship with Illovo," adds Taylor.

* Faster data transfer
* Less downtime
* Easier network management
* Increased network reliability.

"Illovo needs to move with the times and upgrade our technology where
possible, we are pleased to renew our Microsoft Licensing Enterprise
Agreement through Bytes SI as they always have Illovo's best interests in
mind and we have enjoyed a successful relationship for over nine years,"
ends Schaller.