Logitech has announced the one-piece Logitech Driving Force WirelessT force
feedback racing wheel for PlayStation3.

Quick to set up and easy to store, Logitech's one-piece design includes an
expandable lap rest so you don't need to mount your wheel to a table. Users
can conveniently experience the exceptional realism of force feedback
driving anywhere they want – on the sofa, the arm chair or the floor.
"A standard controller doesn't really give you a satisfying racing
experience, yet not everyone can have a complex driving simulator set up in
their living room," says Robert van de Vegte, regional director of Logitech
in South Africa. "The Driving Force Wireless delivers the fantastic racing
experience you'd expect from a Logitech force feedback wheel. And the
one-piece design is easy to set up and just as easy to put away – keeping
the living room free of clutter and making the entire family happy."
Everything users need is built into the one-piece design of the Driving
Force Wireless, including controls for gas, brake, shifting and menu
navigation. Also featuring 2.4 GHz wireless technology for lag-free range of
up to 10 metres, the Driving Force Wireless force feedback wheel adds
convenience to the racing experience by eliminating the console cable.
To start racing, users just plug in the USB receiver and power cord, put in
a driving game, adjust the lap rest to a comfortable position and wait for
the race to begin. There's no mounting or assembly involved. And when
they're ready to put it away, the USB receiver can be stowed in a convenient