Hosting services provider Rackspace Hosting has announced the release of a
suite of hardware, software and professional services that helps customers
achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Instead of having to assemble various pieces of a PCI solution individually,
Rackspace provides a PCI toolbox that assists customers to become compliant
to the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS). The DSS is a comprehensive set of
security requirements developed by the payment card industry and applies to
all businesses that accept, process or store credit card information.
"PCI Toolbox offers technical components customers need to help achieve
compliance with PCI DSS in one simple bundle or they can be sold
individually for customers that need solutions for specific PCI compliance
requirements," says Rackspace spokesman for the South African market, Geoff
Dowell.  "Building an in-house offering can be costly and frustrating. Our
PCI Toolbox makes the process simple, allowing customers to stay focused on
their business."
As with all Rackspace products, the PCI Toolbox is backed by the company's
Fanatical Support programme which offers 24x7x365 support and access to a
dedicated team of security experts.  The team is available as a resource for
customer security and PCI issues and stays up to date on changes and
additions to the PCI compliance regulations.
"As the requirements change we intend to modify the Toolbox offerings
accordingly, to assist customers in more easily maintaining PCI compliance
year after year," adds Dowell.
The full PCI Toolbox solution includes the following components:
* Anti-virus protection;
* Customer network scanning services;
* File system integrity service;
* Firewall services;
* Intrusion detection services;
* Log management service;
* Patch management services;
* Physical system security;
* SSL certificates; and
* VPN system management access.