TallyGenicom has released a new range of desktop dot matrix printer models,
the 2440, 80 column unit and the 2540, 136 column unit.

These new printers are plug and play and designed to replace an aging base
of thousands of low-end to mid-range printers currently in use in retail,
healthcare, and other vertical markets where low cost, highly reliable
printers are required. These printers feature excellent operation in
demanding document applications, and excellent connectivity, including
Serial, Parallel, USB and Ethernet network connectivity with printer status
reporting via web page or email.
Available in 9 pin configurations for fastest print speeds and compatibility
with popular printer emulations and 24 pin configurations for the best print
dot density, all models provide excellent print quality and reliable
operation. Paper paths include rear feed and bottom feed for forms, and top
feed for single cut sheets/forms.
"Cost of ownership is low as these printers feature an eight
million-character ribbon providing twice the life of the most popular
mid-range competitive models and the new 2440 and 2540 will be available at
a 20 to 25% better price than our competitors all this while providing even
faster print speeds," comments TallyGenicom SA's director, Peter Vieira.
"The 2440 and 2540 are targeting vertical markets where high reliability,
small footprint and low running costs are requirements," adds Vieira. "They
feature improved design and enhanced technology that make these printers
faster, smaller and cheaper than other products in their class.
Traditionally, this sector has been dominated by one player; however, we
have been building quality high-end printers for almost 60 years now and
with our move into the entry- mid range segment we are confident we can make
our presence felt.
"It should be remembered that the running costs of impact printers are a
fraction of the cost of using laser printers," he says. "In addition, impact
printers also use less power and are environmentally much more friendly."