Accsys chose NComputing's virtual terminal solution when faced with the task
of upgrading its Johannesburg-based training environment.  The virtual
terminal solution is a cost-effective solution that consumes less energy and
improves setup time for training sessions as well as infrastructure uptime
and maintenance.

The challenge
An important component within Accsys' offering is the provisioning of
training on a fully integrated Payroll, Human Resources, Time and Attendance
and Access Control suite.
Previously, Accsys, which offers client training in multiple training rooms,
had to overcome computer failure challenges – many of the PCs could not
handle the amount of data generated by the training material that included
intensive applications such as data mining and large databases. Furthermore,
it took hours to set-up the training rooms, again consuming time and
Says Liam Terblanche, CIO at Accsys: "We would spend hours preparing for
training sessions, setting up individual training PCs, updating software,
checking hardware and so forth.  Now we are running our network virtual PCs
off a single server.
"Furthermore, our underlying database, used in our training environment, is
simply running multiple instances of the same template database enabling us
to restore to the original, before the next training session, with the click
of a button."

The solution
Accsys deployed NComputing's terminal solution, which provide the
organisation with a virtualised terminal environment that drives down system
maintenance and power consumption by up to 90 percent while improving ease
of use.
With the virtual terminal solution a non-technical person can configure the
system allowing trainers to focus on consulting the day before a training
Commenting on the selection of NComputing, Terblanche says: "We did an
Internet survey and obtained a number of quotes; from a costing perspective
NComputing came out on top.
"NCSolutions who are the distributors for NComputing also provided us with
an aesthetically pleasing solution with a small footprint that enabled us to
replace the unsightly PC boxes with small, unobtrusive network terminals
that can be placed under a trainee's desks, freeing up valuable space."
Accsys required a terminal solution that comprised 14 seats and two
terminals for trainers and achieved a positive return on investment from the
eighth installed terminal. Furthermore, the organisation now benefits from
optimised power usage; the virtual terminals requires only 5 Watts per
terminal as opposed to the usual 280 Watts per PC that was been used.
Says Sean Owen-Jones, MD of  NCSolutions: "Our virtual PC terminal solution
represents the next evolution in the virtual thin client model, enabling as
many as 30 users to simultaneously run virtualised desktop applications on
Windows or Linux from an entry level PC or server.
"The advantage of this type of solution is that no costly hardware and
software is required due to the intelligence of the terminal services
software (UXP) that is provided with the terminals. This allows owners of
companies to utilise low cost PC's acting as servers, making it one of the
simplest and most cost-effective alternatives to PCs."
The NComputing solution saves up to 70% of the traditional expense
associated with equipping end users with machines, maintenance and support
costs are also dramatically reduced as only the one PC/server has to be
maintained and upgraded for all the users.
Essentially, the terminals connect to the host PC / server via a normal
Ethernet network using DHCP or static IP addressing, running user
applications concurrently and independently.
Accsys' future plans including upgrading its regional training facilities at
Durban, Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth with NComputing virtual
terminal solutions, allowing the rest of the organisation to leverage the
benefit that the solution is delivering to the organisation.