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Digital Mall expands market offering


Digital Mall is set to launch a host of new stores on its site. Well
established for the consumer goods available through its site online,
Digital Mall, will now be adding consumer electronics and IT goods to allow
for the ongoing growth experienced by the company this year.

Going forward, Digital Mall customers will be able to purchase a full range
of IT hardware and software from leading market brands such as HP, LG,
Logitech, Proline and Lenova, to name but a few.
In addition, anyone interested in obtaining the latest gaming software and
hardware for their Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox or PC will also be able
to do so directly through Digital Mall.
"We are also pleased to announce the addition of the Apple brand to our
online store, which goes live on 8 July 2008," says Yaron Assabi, CEO of
Digital Mall.  "Certainly this brand has been well received by the local
marketplace and we expect to see a positive response to the product
portfolio we have secured for the users on our site."
Digital Mall will also be offering a full range of consumer electronics
which can be purchased online.  Anything from TV's, LCDs, digital cameras to
DVD and home theatre systems – all backed by global brand likes Sony, LG,
JNC, Cannon and Kodak.
"There is no doubt that consumer confidence in the Internet has increased
and certainly their trust when purchasing goods over the Internet has seen a
marked boost in buying behaviour," adds Assabi.
"Many industry players argue that with the credit crunch currently being
experienced by the market, consumer buying patterns will change, however, we
cannot ignore the fact that the online public in South Africa is growing
exponentially. Our experience over the last 10 years has shown that people
want access to good brands and choice online – which we can offer.
"Additionally, if we consider the recent announcement made by not
to utilise the South African Post Office when shipping goods locally, then
this paves the way for well established local brands to drive a variety of
offerings to the market, as shipping costs are not prohibitive on local
consumer buying patterns when undertaken through local sites."
To account for this expected market growth, Digital Mall has also added new
payment options for customers on its site and will be accepting Diners Club
Cards and PayPal.
"With the increased focus on the checkout process and the broader acceptance
of alternative payment methods, we hope these additions will continue to
address consumers' concern when buying online, knowing that security and
protection of proprietary consumer data is at the forefront of our customers
experience," concludes Assabi.