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Telefonica O2 Germany accelerates mobile broadband service


Telefonica O2 Germany, one of the fastest growing mobile phone operators in
the country, is moving to expand network coverage and capacity to provide
its customers with improved mobile voice and online services. Nokia Siemens
Networks will carry out this modernization project enabling the operator to
reduce network power consumption.

In a separate deal, O2 has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks to carry out
implementation services at more than 200 radio access sites. It is the first
customer win for Nokia Siemens Networks service subsidiary in Germany,
established in January 2008.
The network expansion project will enhance the capability of O2's 2G and 3G
networks and expand their coverage with the latest radio access technology.
Under a wide-ranging 3-year contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will supply O2
Germany with its energy-efficient radio access solution, bringing at the
same time environmental and operational benefits to the operator.
"Our objective is to use the most advanced technology, to further increase
our coverage as well as to reduce costs. To achieve our goals, we need
reliable partners who can supply us with state-of-the-art equipment and
extensive services at best commercial conditions," says Andrea Folgueiras,
CTO of O2 in Germany.
The innovative energy efficiency solution from Nokia Siemens Networks,
featuring the market-leading Flexi base stations, provides significant power
savings. Moreover, the customer benefits from the quick implementation and
reduced operational expenses thanks to the revolutionary small and modular
Flexi base station.
Nokia Siemens Networks also will upgrade the 3G network with the High-speed
Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) software functionality to cover all Germany.
This technology will allow O2 subscribers to enjoy high-speed mobile
Internet as well as rich data and multimedia services with very fast
communication speeds, while higher data rates and increased network capacity
will enable the operator to expand its service offerings.
Besides modernizing the 2G network sites, Nokia Siemens Network will provide
its EDGE software upgrade to bring high-speed data capability to the GSM
network as well.
Nokia Siemens Networks also will provide the NetAct network management and
service management solution for maximizing network performance as well as
maintenance services.
"We are very pleased to extend our long-term relationship with this
agreement and by doing so, to strengthen O2's competitive position in the
market," said Thomas Riedel, Customer Business Team Head for Telefonica
Under the separate service contract, Nokia Siemens Networks Services
Deutschland will provide O2 in Germany with on demand system repair and
maintenance services at all operator's locations to ensure undisturbed and
quality network operation, while at the same providing operational benefits
to O2. The service contract is a further proof of Nokia Siemens Networks'
powerful experience in large network implementation and expansion projects
that require a transition to new equipment with minimum service disruption.