Neotel has added another service to its fast-growing portfolio, this time last-mile wireless connectivity to the enterprise.

The telecommunications operator has already completed its national long distance network and metropolitan networks in the major centres.
Until now, the only way companies could access the last mile was via fibre into the building. Wireless gives them a quicker, cheaper and more convenient option.
Marcel Steyn, product manager: wireless at Neotel, says base stations are situated on the metropolitan fibre network and installation within the customer's premises is therefore simplified to a subscription box.
The value proposition, he says, is that customers have access to the same multi-play services – voice, data and Internet – as fixed line users; the time to install is greatly reduced; and there are service level agreements already in place.
Rajeev Sinha, head of products & solutions at Neotel, comments: "Just the speed of deployment of wireless technologies means that our customers will be able to connet to the Neotel network in much shorter implemenation times.
"Add to that the scalability of the product, whcih allows the customer to increase their bandwidth with ny physical intervention and the ability for true multi-play, and you have a true winning combination."
Neotel has set aside the 3,5GHz and 10,5GHz spectrums for its wireless services.
The technologies it is employing are WiMax 802.16d from Telsima, with subrates up to 2Mbps on the 3,5GHz spectrum; and VectaStar, at speeds between 4Mbps and 10Mbps on the 10,5GHz spectrum.
The products available via the new wireless connectivity are NeoLink, NeoVoice, NeoInternet and NeoVPN.
Sinha adds that one of the most attractive aspects of wireless last mile access is that it typically takes only seven days to install.
"It is also portable, so can be relocated, and scalable so we can increase throughput as and when the client requires it."
It also has limited envionmental impact. "No trenching of pavements and streets is required, and the physical installation on the customer premises is small and unobtrusive."