Gartner has identified Riverbed Technology in its recent July 2008 report,
"Market Share: Application Acceleration Equipment, Worldwide 1Q08" as the
WOC (WAN optimization controller) Advanced Platform (AP) worldwide market
share leader for 1Q 2008 based on revenue. This is the 7th quarter in a row
that Riverbed® has maintained the leadership position in the WOC AP

According to Gartner, the AP WOC category, which is most relevant to
Riverbed WDS products, includes WOCs that address multiple WAN problems
including limited bandwidth and excessive latency. AP WOCs incorporate TCP
optimizations, delta-based byte caching and compression, and protocol
specific optimizations for HTTP(S), MAPI and CIFS. AP WOCs may also include
application specific optimisations such as SharePoint over HTTP, or AutoCAD
using CIFS to further boost performance.
In some cases they include traffic visibility, file and object caching, an
optimized transport protocol, file format specific and advanced security
capabilities.  Riverbed refers to this same category as wide-area data
services (WDS). Riverbed Steelhead products are a unique combination of an
application-independent foundation
that improves the performance of all applications running over TCP, with an
application-specific set of modules that address chatty application
"WDS deployments have moved far beyond the tactical to the strategic, with a
great many large enterprise customers deploying Riverbed solutions at 50 to
over 500 locations," says Eric Wolford, senior vice president, marketing and
business development at Riverbed. "We are seeing more CIOs take on a
business strategist role, creating new enterprise-wide IT models to drive
competitive differentiation. Riverbed has become the CIO's choice because
the ease-of-installation and management that is architected into our
products allows them to scale their WDS deployments and because we offer the
best performance for the broad range of applications important to their
Organisations are continuing to expand geographically and, as a result,
manage significant business operations outside of headquarters. For remote
offices and data centers, Riverbed offers its Steelhead appliance product
family. Steelhead appliances deliver enterprise-class WDS that scales across
a range of applications and network topologies to accelerate applications by
up to 100 times.
For the growing mobile workforce, Riverbed introduced its Steelhead Mobile
software client, which delivers LAN-like application performance to
employees regardless of location, whether on the road, working from home or
connected wirelessly in the office.  To provide further strategic value,
Riverbed expanded its offerings in 2008 to include the delivery of
virtualized edge services, such as print, video streaming and IP address
management, on the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP).
"The WDS product category is rapidly evolving, but speed remains the core
requirement," says Wolford. "We built the RSP because our over 4 000
customers have recognized the strategic value of their Riverbed deployments.
They see acceleration of application performance as the primary value, but
want to leverage the more than 50 000 Steelhead appliances we've shipped
The RSP is an extensible data services platform that enables the delivery of
virtualised edge services without the need to deploy additional physical
servers at remote or branch offices. The RSP allows customers to deploy
best-of-breed services from their choice of vendors on Steelhead appliances
in a self-contained partition to minimize the hardware infrastructure
footprint at the branch office. In a typical RSP deployment, IT
infrastructure at the remote site is simplified to include an RSP-enabled
Steelhead appliance and a router, reducing costs and minimising IT overhead.