The South African Security Industry Alliance (SIA) and the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) are signing a landmark co-operation agreement today, making Europen technology and training methods available to the South African security sector.

The agreement, which will be signed on behalf of the SIA by chairman Sibusiso Ncube, will set out to raise the quality of services offered in South Africa and to improve the training and working environment of staff of private security companies.
Steve Conradie, CEO of the SIA, says the agreement would have far-reaching implications for the South African security industry because it would give this country access to the latest training methods used in the European Union as well as to technologies used by the European security industry.
The SIA is an alliance of security associations in South Africa and plays a key role in communicating effectively across the Industry as the united voice which represents common interests.
Conradie says he considers it of cardinal importance to maintain close links with government.
"I aim to build bridges with government departments. It makes sense that we should work together, after all we have the same objectives."