Business Connexion's Microsoft Competency business unit has partnered with US software vendor ConceptSearching to bring enterprise search capabilities to its South African and African client base.

With ConceptSearching technology, businesses are able to quickly sort and search even unclassified information, providing a boost to employee productivity and unlocking value from formerly cumbersome information stores.
Jacques Loubser, managing executive of Business Connexion's Microsoft Competency, points out that one of the consequences of the "information age" is that many companies are faced with the unpleasant situation of information overload.
"Simply put, knowledge workers can't find the data they need. They spend too much time searching for the right information, which adversely affects productivity and limits their effectiveness. It also drives up frustration levels," he says.
ConceptSearching addresses this problem with automatic classification, semantic metadata generation and taxonomy management software. This means that it uses software to identify significant patterns in any text, using these compound terms to rank results based on an understanding of meaning rather than simply based on finding the required words.
Loubser explains: "Single words have meaning, but not context; concepts are rarely expressed in single words but are generally expressed through a combination of words which humans are able to understand.
"ConceptSearching carries this notion into the digital world by bringing intelligent understanding to a search by examining patterns in any text and using these compound terms to rank results based on an understanding of their meaning, rather than simply based on finding the required words."
Martin Garland, president of North American and international operations at ConceptSearching, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership: "As the leader in South Africa for delivering and integrating business solutions, Business Connexion is highly respected for its quality, experience, and wide range of integration services. This alliance will enable Business Connexion to offer sophisticated technologies that can be deployed to meet a variety of information search and retrieval requirements of their clients."