With the energy crisis currently facing South Africa, MICROmega's attention
has been drawn to the alternative energy supply market.

According to Greg Morris, chairman of MICROmega Limited, the company's
latest acquisition, Essential Power Services (EPS), is an ideal platform to
enter this market, which until this point has been entirely untapped by the
"EPS offers us entry into an exciting new market while complementing Deltec
Power Distribution's business at the same time," says Morris.
A leading supplier of automotive batteries to the local market and a key
player in the group's automotive division, Deltec has been seeking to cement
its foothold in the Eastern Cape.
"As a supplier of Deltec's maintenance-free batteries, the inclusion of EPS
into our automotive division provides the group with a fast track into this
region's previously untapped distribution network," explains Morris.
"Automotive batteries, however, are just one component of this progressive
company's offerings. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), generators and a
range of alternative power sources make up a product and service bouquet
that is currently in high demand. Our acquisition of EPS allows us a
low-risk entry level into this up-and-coming sector."
According to Phil Visagie, the previous owner of EPS, the company as a whole
is positive about the acquisition. "Joining the MICROmega group is
beneficial to our growth," he explains, adding that he believes his company
will add its own value to the group in turn.
The Port Elizabeth-based company began its existence in Visagie's garage in
2002. Six years later it remains in PE and has gained a firm footing
throughout the Eastern Cape.
"EPS has grown into an established supplier of DC power in standby
applications over the past few years," says Visagie. "Joining the MICROmega
stable will enable even further growth."
With a team that will remain unchanged under Visagie's guidance, EPS's
addition to the group's portfolio offers MICROmega increased market
diversity while providing EPS with an opportunity to increase its foothold
in the industry.
"We have been investigating the solar panel and wind turbine market,"
reveals Visagie. "With MICROmega's support we now aim to attack this market
head on."