Phoenix Software has announced availability of version 12 of Pinnacle
StudioT, the market-leading consumer video editing software.

Pinnacle Studio version 12 builds on the features that have established the
Pinnacle Studio family as number one in the consumer video editing market in
the US and Europe.
The new version includes Pinnacle Montage, an innovative tool that makes
high-end compositing and animation effects accessible to consumers. With
more than 25 new features, version 12 adds many new capabilities requested
by users, while still maintaining the ease of use that has become the
hallmark of Pinnacle Studio products.
More titles, DVD menus and templates have been added as well as new
professional audio and video controls and a complete HD workflow with
Blu-ray authoring in certain versions of Pinnacle Studio version 12.
The Pinnacle Studio version 12 family consists of three affordably priced
versions to meet the needs of consumers ranging from novices to dedicated
video enthusiasts.  In addition to Pinnacle Studio, the basic version,
Pinnacle offers Studio Plus and Studio Ultimate with more advanced audio and
video tools, including a complete HD workflow.
Addressing the features most requested by customers, Pinnacle Studio version
12 now incorporates advanced capabilities for audio, with numerical audio
volume, master volume controls, a timeline VU meter and peak indicators.
New convenience features include the ability to reference images in the
album and direct crop control to automatically remove black bars of a video
or image. The new version also offers improved effects performance on
lower-ends PCs, advanced 2D editing, the ability to rotate effects and new
content for titles and DVD menus.
Among the first to offer native HDV and AVCHD editing software, Pinnacle
Systems Studio Plus and Ultimate now includes new Blu-ray disc burning
capabilities in BD-MV with motion menus. ACCHD 1920 and support for various
HD camcorder types including JVC full HD, Canon Vixia, Sanyo Xacti have also
been added.
The Pinnacle Studio version 12 family will be available 1 August 2008 from
retail stores countrywide. Upgrades from previous Pinnacle Studio versions
to version 12 will also be available from the same.