Cell C has implemented TransUnion's risk management solution to help it maintain an optimal balance between account acquisition and risk exposure.

The risk management solution enables Cell C to target new markets effectively through utilising an advanced combination of scorecard matrices.
In addition, monitoring the performance of the scorecards and the behaviour of the credit portfolio has been proven to be extremely beneficial to Cell C.
TransUnion's monitoring reports have multiple purposes and functionalities which include integrity testing post-implementation; notificastion and potential impact of changes; alerts on population shofts; and porfolio performance measurements.
"Our partnership with TransUnion has enabled us to make the right decisions when attracting potential customers," says Faradh Mahomed, credit operations manager at Cell C.
"The risk management solution has given us greater control over the account origination process and has resulted in the percentage of new accounts, from which no income could be generated, to drop by more than 50%.
"At the same time, the process requires far less manual intervention, is more streamlined and auditable, allowing Cell C to free up resources in the credit risk department. The added monitoring facilities have contributed significantly to the robustness and reliability of the solution."