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Citrix XenServer integrated on Dell PowerEdge Servers


Workgroup's dedicated Citrix division has announced the availability of
Citrix XenServer software factory integrated on Dell PowerEdge servers.
Citrix and Dell have partnered to make integrated server virtualisation
technology a reality for customer of all sizes, says Maike Liebenberg,
Citrix product manager at Workgroup.

"The initial products now available to Dell customers include the Citrix
XenServer Dell Express Edition and Citrix XenServer Dell Enterprise Edition
as part of factory-integrated solutions designed to make it even easier for
customers to begin implementing their virtualisation strategies," says
"The Citrix XenServer Dell products are the only virtualisation solution to
feature integrated Dell management agent technology. As a result, customers
can use the same familiar Dell OpenManage System Management software on
their existing Dell servers to help increase server and storage utilisation.
"By coupling Citrix XenServer with Dell's PowerEdge servers, the companies
bring built-in, easy-to-use virtual machine installation and management to
Dell customers worldwide."
XenServer is a simple, efficient way to virtualise servers and help deliver
a dynamic data centre – a flexible, aggregated pool of computing and storage
resources. By factory integrating Citrix XenServer into Dell PowderEdge
platforms, Citrix and Dell will provide a simpler deployment and management
environment that speeds adoption of flexible, cost-saving server
virtualisation technology, making it the optimal choice for virtualisation
on Dell systems.
"After implementing XenServer, Dell customers can take advantage of Citrix's
application and desktop virtualisation solutions to make their
infrastructure more flexible and dynamic. XenApp for application
virtualisation stores all Windows applications in a single central store in
the datacenter and delivers them to end users on-demand via innovative
application virtualisation technology."