With increased competition in the South African telecommunications market,
organisations are finally getting the benefit of choice and flexibility.

However, as more players are laying fiber, technology alone cannot be the
key differentiator anymore.
According to Stefano Mattiello, executive head of Enterprise Group at
Neotel, a key differentiator is the ability to provide customers with more
streamlined and cost-effective services – allowing them to focus on their
core revenue generating activities.
"Providing a converged communications network is one such method as we are
overcoming the burden of having separate networks for each service," says
Mattiello. Traditionally there have been separate networks for voice,
corporate data and Internet access, which resulted in very little
flexibility and duplicate costs.
"Our focus has always been on multiplay – providing customers with voice,
data and Internet over one network," he says. "Where customers have opted to
use only one of the services initially, customers have the ability to access
the other services down the line when they require them as the network is
already in place."
According to Mattiello, scalability is inherent in the network and allows
for the adding of services or increasing of bandwidth in very quick
turnaround times.
"The benefit of going this route is very obvious – as we are running only
one network to provide all of the services, we don't carry the additional
costs of having to run multiple networks and can therefore add a lot more
value to our offerings," he says.
This eliminates the costly exercise of having to additional cables to the
customer site and also saves a lot of time on implementation.
"The inherent capability of our network means that increasing the number of
services the client has access to, or even the bandwidth requires very
little effort from our side," says Mattiello. "This allows us to truly meet
our customers' requirements, even when these change at very short notice,"
he concludes.