Country manager Kevin Clarke comments: "HansaWorld is built on the idea that
everything you need to run your business, from accounting functions through
customer contacts and email to stock management, should be available in one

"Our recently upgraded web shop module now enables our customers to build
any web page they want, right within their main business software, without
any need for specialised knowledge."
A web shop that enables customers to buy online can be built and maintained
just as easily, says Clarke.
"The beauty of an integrated system is that you never need to synchronise
information," he says. "Your web shop is part of the same system as your
stock management, so availability is always accurate. In the same way
businesses can offer easy order tracking, or make sure that customers who
have special pricing get the same offers, regardless of whether they're
ordering over the phone, on the web or in person."
Clarke says one of the most popular features of HansaWorld's content
management system in South Africa is its excellent support for multiple
"There's no need to create separate web sites in each language you want," he
says. "You can use exactly the same framework, then simply translate as many
of the database records as you want into another language, usually
Afrikaans. It's very easy to set up and to maintain."
South African businesses have been slow to move onto the web in recent
years, but the trend is accelerating, says Clarke. "Everybody knew they
needed to do it but a lot of companies were putting it off," he says. "Now
there's a real sense of urgency to get online, especially as it can be a big
factor in reducing costs and improving your margins."