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HP Integrity supercomputer speeds scientific research


HP has announced the successful deployment of one of the largest Intel
Itanium-based shared memory supercomputers in the world.

Finis Terrae offers an unparalleled high-performance computing (HPC) cluster
that delivers the application performance, storage power and throughput
needed to handle scientific, technological and research challenges at
Spain's Supercomputing Centre of Galicia (CESGA).
The supercomputer is especially suited for the high-performance computing
used in nanotechnology, life science, ocean science, HPC architectures and
environmental studies, and is intended help researchers perform scientific
and technical research with a specific focus on applications that require
very large memory sizes.
HP, Intel and CESGA collaborated closely in the implementation of Finis
"Finis Terrae provides the highest levels of hardware and software
availability and reliability," says Dr Carlos Fernández, systems
administration manager, CESGA. "This is due largely to HP's excellent
standards of technical support that ensure that we can keep providing
first-class service to our users at all times."
Demonstrating advanced and integrated innovation, Finis Terrae completed 350
000 calculation hours, equivalent to 40 years in real time during a two-week
benchmarking test. This process utilised only half of the supercomputer
capacity, extracting 70-million pieces of data and conclusions that can now
be used in research for crystallography and geotechnical engineering.
"At CESGA, we are contributing to the future of supercomputing in
collaboration with HP, Intel and the research community of Galicia and CSIC
[Spanish Council of Scientific Research]," explains Ignacio Lopez, technical
director, CESGA. "With the Galician universities, CSIC scientific community
and other academic entities in Spain having access to Finis Terrae, the
execution of high-performance calculation tasks delivering on quick analyses
and valuable scientific results will contribute to the society's
Designed to provide precise analysis and simulations, Finis Terrae offers
superior performance and large physical memory with:
* A cluster of 142 nodes with 16 Intel Itanium 2 processor cores each of HP
Integrity rx7640 combined with HP Integrity Superdome servers with 1.3Tb of
main memory. The rx7640 nodes are based on a 16-way shared memory
architecture with scalable memory bandwidth and provide an accumulated
shared memory space of 19Tb.
* An Infiniband high-performance interconnection network between all nodes
including the Superdome systems.
* Advanced fiber optics that can reach a data transmission speed of 20Gbps
at distances of up to 100 metres
* Hierarchical storage system of 390Tb on disc and 1 Petabyte on robotic
tape libraries, the largest in Spain.
Finis Terrae weighs 33,5 tons and occupies approximately 140 square metres
of floor space.