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Imation provides media for 1Tb tape drive


Imation has announced its support for Sun StorageTek T10000B tape drives
which provide the highest data capacity per cartridge in the enterprise tape
market at 1Tb.

The Sun StorageTek T10000 tape drive format utilises Imation's proprietary
Tera Angstrom technology, a proprietary coating formulation and process
enabling a terabyte-capacity tape product, with Imation's patented
Precision-Tracking 'N Pattern' Servo writing technology, an ultra-precise
reference pattern enabling nanometer-level tracking accuracy for one
terabyte and more of data.
"Customers can protect their media investment and maximise their IT spend
thanks to the backward read/write compatibility and simplified deployment
and proven compatibility with Sun StorageTek enterprise tape libraries,"
says Tom Maiorano, senior director WW Storage Media Business, Sun
"The integration of Sun's latest world-leading fast-access enterprise tape
drive design and Imation's long-standing media expertise delivers optimised
throughput with storage capacity hitting an unprecedented 1Tb."
"We have focused on the advancement of tape technology for more than 50
years and remain committed to delivering the advanced tape storage solutions
that enterprise customers demand," says Subodh Kulkarni, vice president,
Global Commercial Business, R&D and Manufacturing, Imation. "When we
launched our Tera Angstrom coating operation in 2004, we set a goal to
deliver 1Tb of native capacity in a cartridge before the end of the decade.
Today we are pleased to hit that milestone as we continue to work with Sun
helping customers maximise and protect their automated tape library
Imation technologies incorporated into Sun StorageTek T10000 media include
Precision-Tracking 'N Pattern' Servo Writing, a patented servo writing
technology that creates an ultra-precise reference pattern enabling
nanometer-level tracking accuracy critical for capacities of 1Tb and more.