To help build more accurate analytic models for the property/casualty
insurance industry, ISO has selected software from SAS.

Since 1971, ISO has been a leading source of information about risk. The
company provides data, analytics, and decision-support solutions for
insurers to operate more efficiently and increase competitive advantage.
With advanced analytic techniques and data management skills, ISO clients
can better assess risk in the property/casualty insurance industry with
leading-edge predictive modelling.
"SAS has the most widely used intelligence platform in the industry," says
Leonard Browne, senior principal consultant SAS Institute South Africa. "The
professional and comprehensive training from SAS will enable ISO to remain
on the cutting edge of the insurance industry."
"ISO has a vast and unprecedented amount of insurance data and a large staff
of analysts," says Marty Ellingsworth, president of the ISO Innovative
Analytics unit. "Our team needs the best tools to effectively mine that
data, visually explore new features, and track models through production for
feedback and improvement. We found SAS to be the best solution to satisfy
our needs."
The powerful, flexible, and comprehensive grid-enabled SAS Enterprise
Intelligence Platform will help ISO build robust analytic models more
quickly, and with increased computing bandwidth for simultaneous users.
SAS visualisation capabilities will significantly reduce data exploration
timelines, while its built-in model assessment and comparison capabilities
require no separate coding. ISO also anticipates significant risk mitigation
in model maintenance and archiving, and more efficient data warehousing.
ISO will deploy the SAS GRID computing infrastructure for diagonal
scalability to support future growth. ISO will draw on grid technology to
extend and increase the life span of its investment in hardware resources.
This innovative SAS solution also provides ISO analysts with better
documentation, enhanced performance, and collaboration to work more quickly
and efficiently.