Kofax  has announced the launch of Kofax Transformation Modules, a new suite
of applications for Kofax Capture.

Uniting powerful technologies from the company's Ascent Xtrata Pro and
INDICIUS products under one re-branded platform, Kofax Transformation
Modules offers the world's most complete and versatile solution for
automated document classification and data extraction.
Designed to streamline the transformation of documents into structured
electronic information, Kofax Transformation Modules automates the
classification, sorting and separation of paper and electronic documents,
then extracts and validates the data they contain. The product integrates
seamlessly with Kofax Capture to provide transactional capture capabilities
in a single, unified solution.
Kofax Transformation Modules 3.5 integrates new features that offer
substantial improvements in document automation and electronic processing
performance as well as enhance ease-of-use.
Among these are new learn-by-example technologies for invoice extraction
that require minimal training to implement and new data validation
functionality that increases productivity for even the most complex forms
and documents.
"Large organizations are looking for enterprise-level solutions to not only
capture but also transform documents into actionable electronic data through
a single-source platform that is easy to deploy and simple to maintain in
order to achieve lower total cost of ownership," says Kofax South Africa's
solutions sales manager, Mark Ehmke.
"Kofax Transformation Modules integrates with Kofax Capture to offer the
market's most advanced capture solutions for automating the processing of
forms, invoices, correspondence and other document types," he says.
By helping to eliminate manual processes, Kofax Transformation Modules
enables organizations to enhance productivity while significantly reducing
operating costs. In addition, users benefit from improved data processing
speed, accuracy, capacity and security with sophisticated automation
technology that captures, validates and delivers captured information
quickly, efficiently and reliably.
"Manual document processing is expensive, time-consuming and prone to
error," says Ehmke. "Kofax Transformation Modules allows knowledge workers
to focus their efforts on tasks that add value to the company and for their
Leveraged through Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation Modules 3.5 is
compatible with the widest range of document scanners, content and
information management systems, workflow applications and databases. The
solution is also scalable as needed to evolving user requirements and can be
upgraded for additional volume or new features with no re-installation
Kofax Transformation Module 3.5 combines with Kofax Capture to enable
solutions based on the Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange concept, the
centerpiece of the company's strategy to help organizations streamline
business processes. Kofax Transformation Modules 3.5 is now available.