XON has become the first user in Africa of Microsoft's new Dynamics AX 2009
adaptable business management solution and enterprise suite.

Microsoft released the suite, which offers capabilities for multisite
organisations to streamline processes, reduce operational costs, manage
compliance and drive informed decision making, in June.
"We have 40 people across eight companies and three national offices using
Microsoft's ERP system," says Bart van Buynder, CFO of the XON Group of
companies. "We are using a total of six modules that our business partner,
XON Business Solutions, deployed first in a test environment before going
live. We encountered no issues during the rapid deployment."
XON, operating since 1996, designs, builds, operates and manages information
and communication technology (ICT) solutions created specifically for
customers. It operates networking and security, ERP and CRM business
solutions, infrastructure, maintenance services, networking and security and
consulting services in the parent company and through wholly owned
subsidiaries and is represented in 16 cities throughout South Africa.
XON Business Solutions, an XON company, handled the deployment as it would
any external contract.
XON is making extensive use of the General Ledger, Trade, Logistics,
Projects and production modules and also uses an independent software vendor
(ISV) solution called Atlas XL.
"We have used Microsoft Dynamics AX since version 1.5 was released in 1999,"
says Van Buynder, "which is when we became a value-added reseller of the
solution through what was then Damgaard. (The company was subsequently
acquired by Microsoft.)
"We believe in this solution because it has given us the flexibility and
benefits to handle the exponential growth we have experienced since 1999."
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 offers a range of new features that include
multisite and shared services capabilities that enable companies like XON to
manage complex financial and supply chain processes.
"Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 signals a new chapter in ERP user productivity,"
says Jumana Helal, Microsoft Dynamics group lead at Microsoft SA. "Employees
using traditional ERP systems have had to wade through inefficient,
time-intensive steps – enter transactional data, run reports, analyse
reports – before they can do their jobs effectively.  Microsoft Dynamics AX
2009's Role Center provides a centralised view of each person's prioritised
work lists and clearly identifies specific steps to take, thereby optimising
The new software can also run multiple legal entities on a central
installation and provide a single, integrated view of financial and supply
chain information from facilities around the world, helping organisations
simplify global planning. Advanced planning and reporting scenarios, such as
consolidation and budgeting, are offered through integration with Microsoft
Office PerformancePoint Server.
The new ERP solution offers other business benefits that include:
* Empowering people to work smarter and faster by streamlining access to
critical information and processes;
* Managing growth and change by enhancing collaboration throughout
organisations and the entire supply chain to build more profitable
* Managing the complexities of global organisations and gaining insight
across multiple sites; and
* Complying with regulations and customer initiatives and helping to reduce
risk and liabilities.
"We are proud to be the first company to successfully deploy Microsoft
Dynamics AX 2009 in a live environment," says Deon Kruger, director, XON
Business Solutions. "It demonstrates not just our familiarity with the
software but also underpins Microsoft's vision for the deployment and
upgrade roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics AX."