AmVia, South Africa's leading provider of fax software and services, has
launched Vfax, a pay-per-use, desktop fax solution based on the RightFax fax
server that meets all regulatory compliance requirements.

Vfax represents an ideal alternative for fax transmission for corporates
which cannot cost-justify a fax server at branches, departments or outlying
areas, says Boudje Giljam, sales and marketing director at AmVia, a company
in the JSE AltX-listed Vox Telecom group.
"Most large corporates have fax infrastructure that is compliant with the
requirements of corporate governance," says Giljam. "However, they tend not
to address the needs of divisions, departments or branches which cannot
afford their own fax server, or which cannot be connected to the centralised
fax environment. Although they cannot justify this investment, they still
require the highest standards of corporate governance. Vfax has been
designed with them in mind."
AmVia can integrate Vfax into any corporate environment and devise an
appropriate pricing model. Because organisations pay only for the faxes they
send and receive, they do not require any capital expense up-front, and
costs can be taken off balance sheet.Vfax meets the requirements of
regulatory compliance:
* Point-to-point delivery of faxes, as opposed to the store-and-forward
architecture of e-mail-based faxes. This ensures realtime tracking and
notification. Fax to e-mail cannot provide the same certainty.
* A date and time stamp for outbound faxes.
* Full audit trail of fax movements, with a transmission log and fax image
archive available.
* Allocation of permissions and rights ensures integrity of data and
prevents confidential information loss.
The Vfax architecture complies with the requirements of such compliance and
governance frameworks as the King Report, the ECT Act, Basel II and
Sarbanes-Oxley, to mention a few.
"In addition, Vfax was developed for the enterprise IT environment," says
Giljam, "bringing the highest level of robustness and integrity to
departmental faxing. In every sense, Vfax is a true fax experience, rather
than e-mail. And given the volumes of faxes being sent and received daily
and the critical nature of many of them, this is what organisations need."