Organisations today generate a huge volume of print output, which has
resulted in increased expenses and inefficiencies related to day-to-day
printing, writes Nathan Nayagar, IPG supplies business unit manager at HP.

Keeping an organisation supplied with toner and ink cartridges would appear
to be a straightforward task. In reality, tracking, inventorying and
procuring print supplies for use by many different printers located in
different parts of a building – or even in separate buildings – is a
time-consuming and labour-intensive process.
To help customers more efficiently manage their print inventory, HP created
the Pay For Print program – a fully automated supplies reordering service.
In addition to simplified supplies replenishment, the program significantly
reduces an organisation's printing costs and provides extensive monitoring
features for a better overview of printer performance.
Every day new solution providers are devising manners in which to streamline
an organisation, HP is no different We have devised a manner yes, but I
don't think many organisations understand the general advantages and
benefits of having fully automated supplies management systems.
One of the first benefits of employing such a system is the increased
efficiency in ordering printing supplies. The fact that the printer
automatically re-orders the supplies without having any human-aid is
phenomenal. This also means that the team which uses the machine is never
bogged down by a "replace cartridge" alert on the printer.
For the financial department, at any size and type of organisation, the
frustration of duplicate invoices and count-loss is eradicated. With these
solutions in place, one consolidated invoice per period is provided; this
supplies the financial department with transparency on supplies consumption
and could improve cash-flow planning.
As per anything in an organisational environment, change is inevitable; the
solutions on offer thus have the added benefit of providing a certain degree
of flexibility. Organisations have full choice to add, change or discontinue
the use of a device; there is also the added advantage of not having a print
volume commitment during the contract period.
I could go-on and on about the benefits, my point is: It is no longer about
the box drop off, or ensuring you have space for the tonnes of supplies
stock in the storeroom or IT-room; or even about the tedious controlling
tasks of stock control and consuming watch. It is all about the efficiency
and productivity that can be found in a single printing device.