MobiTrak has released the Magro3 GPS powered by HandyMAP G10, one of the
most affordable GPS solutions available in the market today. The Magro3 is a
product of NCSNavi, one of the world's foremost GPS suppliers and
manufacturers of one of the world's slimmest Bluetooth GPS receivers.

The entire unit is black, with the exception of the menu button on the side.
As GPS units go this is one of the prettier models out there. The 3.5" TFT
touch screen isn't the largest on the market, but it definitely does the
trick at 320×240 QVGA resolution. The unit runs Microsoft Windows CE 5.0.
Interestingly WinCE runs a completely distinct kernel, as opposed to the
trimmed down versions of the Windows platform.
WinCE is built specifically for computers and devices that don't have large
amounts of memory or processing power. It has quite impressive performance
too, as it has a dual core 372MHz processor and 1GB of onboard memory. The
device is integrated with a 1000mAH/ 3.7V Li-polymer battery and the
manufacturer claims a battery-life of up to 2.5 hours, whilst running the
GPS. The Magro3 also supports a number of image formats including: jpg, bmp,
png and gif. With the recent ROM update, one can play movie files and listen
to MP3 music.
HandyMAP G10 is the most popular navigation software suite around today that
even childrencan operate it without reading the user manual. It is a version
of HandyMAP that includes a host of road networks, places and points of
interest, with more than 69350 POIs and 700,000km Southern Africa routable
coverage. HandyMAP software offers the most up-to-date digital map database
from Business Connexion – the supplier of Navteq Onboard. It is the leader
of South Africa navigation coverage since 1999.
This way users won't themselves on a dark and deserted dirt road at 1am,
because it happens to be the quickest way to get somewhere. This 3D software
suite offers very easy-to-use functionality when trying to locate an address
of point of interest. There are numerous ways to search for places,
including browsing, keyword searches and co-ordinates.
In its quest to make GPS solutions more affordable and reasonable to the
local market, HandyMAP is the first and only system in South Africa that
offers free GPS major map updates at least twice a year. Besides HandyMAP,
there are only one or two other companies in South Africa that provide
comprehensive map coverage.
"No GPS vendor in the world can guarantee 100 percent data accuracy and the
most up-to-date information in all the areas by the time it is available to
the market. Worldwide, it is only HandyMAP that provides free map updates
twice a year for the software product-lifetime. HandyMAP also ensures that
consumers living in remote areas receive up-to-date data free of charge,"
says regional manager Kun-cheng Tu.
With HandyMAP software, you will have free access to the latest map updates
as they are released by HandyMAP twice a year for the life of the product.