Neotel has announced a further milestone in the company's growth, making its consumer services available in Cape Town.

"We have come a long way in our journey to redefine the way in which South Africans connect," says Ajay Pandey, MD and CEO of Neotel. "From an enterprise perspective we have seen tremendous growth in the solutions offered and therefore in the number of customers who have moved over to the Neotel network."
He says the impact of the organization redefining the telecommunications industry is becoming evident.
"We are consistently delivering on the promise of innovation and superior customer service through our technology and our personalized approach to meeting our customers' needs."
Pandey says that Neotel has made a firm commitment to the South African market to take communications to all South Africans and to ultimately make services available across the country.  
"We are building a next generation wireless network for South Africans, a process which takes time," he says.
Neotel's rollout of services has been done in a phased approach.  
"We officially launched consumer services at the end of May in Pretoria and Johannesburg and are now ready to bring these services to the citizens of Cape Town.," says Panday.
He adds that, while coverage will initially be limited in this region, the network is expanding at a rapid pace.
The NeoConnect converged platform is an all-in-one consumer service – one wireless service, one bill, one product that allows the consumer high speed internet access, to make voice calls and send and receive SMS.
"You no longer need to use multiple devices, pay separate line rentals and internet access charges," says Mukul Sharma, Executive Head of the Consumer Business Unit at Neotel.  
"NeoConnect brings you the benefits of a single device in an integrated monthly rental."
He says customers will also no longer have to wait for extended periods to get connected.  
"The product is easy to assemble, quick to install and does not require the assistance of a technician, which means the consumer can be connected almost instantly on receipt of the product."
As a wireless service, NeoConnect will not restrict the consumer to one place and can be used anywhere within the city and within Neotel's specified coverage areas.
NeoConnect is provided using the globally benchmarked CDMA2000 1x EV-DO technology. The technology is currently capable of delivering up to 2.4Mbps (Mega Bits per second) peak speeds. The average speed that a user will experience on NeoConnect will be around (300Kbps to 700Kbps). Along with these speeds the user will also be able to make voice calls that are of carrier grade standard providing a crystal clear voice in Neotel coverage areas.