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Sun Blade X6450 available through Workgroup


The dedicated Sun division at Workgroup, Horizon, has announced the local
availability of Sun's new four-socket blade server for HPC and Enterprise
applications – the Sun Blade X6450.

The Sun Blade X6450 Server Model, powered by four high-performance
dual-or-quad core Intel Xeon processor 7300 series, enables 50 percent more
memory capacity than competitive blade servers, making it a highly energy
efficient platform for virtualisation and applications in vertical
industries such as manufacturing, energy and financial services.
"Running a choice of operating systems, including Solaris 10 OS, Linux,
Windows and VMware, the X6450 Server Module gives customers the flexibility
to run existing 32-bit applications as they migrate to 64-bit applications,"
says Bertus Hanekom, Sun product manager at Horizon.
The new server module takes Sun's blade platform to the next level in
performance, he says, packing 768 cores into one rack with increased memory
capacity that provides four socket computing in a blade form factor.