AirMagnet, which is locally distributed in South Africa by Concilium, received a rating of "positive" in Gartner's July 2008 MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Preventions Systems for performance and compliance solutions for wireless LANs.

This recent report analyses the performance of vendors that focus on meeting the security needs of organizations requiring vulnerability assessments and monitoring of WLANs, as well as providing detection and active blocking of potential attacks.
"One of the reasons why AirMagnet is the industry's premier solution for continuous wireless LAN security and management is because it provides organisations with wide visibility over all wireless assets, and allows users to prioritise events based on their impact to the network and enterprise policy and can offer full-time protection against wireless threats including wireless vulnerabilities such as Denial-of Service attacks and MAC spoofing," says Steve Alves, MD of Concilium Technologies.
"We believe this new report confirms that AirMagnet not only delivers the WIPS security features and capabilities customers have come to expect from a market leader, but we also provide the strongest range of wireless performance and troubleshooting tools," says Chris Roeckl, vice-president of marketing at AirMagnet.
"In the end, our products span security, performance and troubleshooting, which differentiates us from the competition and gives our customers a variety of solutions to manage, optimise and secure the entire wireless environment."
According to Gartner's recent MarketScope, analysts estimate that global revenues in the WLAN intrusion prevention system market have grown substantially.  Moreover, "most enterprises have moved rapidly from trying to keep WLANs out of their organisations to fully embracing them widely across all corporate facilities. So, although the wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) market has reached the early mainstream phase, it continues to be a dynamic market where new features are needed with each product release."
Roeckl adds: Gartner presents some compelling information regarding market growth and the importance of WIPS for the enterprise. If organizations are looking to
leverage a product with best-in-class security and wireless network operation capabilities, then AirMagnet offers the most compelling and effective solution available on the market today.
"This is great news for our local customers as a reputable industry analyst such as Gartner has verified the quality of our product. It also offers confirmation that Concilium Technologies has formed partnerships and business relationships with noteworthy companies."