CyberDyne, a South African importer and distributor of computer components and accessories, has implemented SAP Business One to integrate its business processes and, thereby, gain more comprehensive control of the business.

CyberDyne owner, Matthew Greenway says SAP Business One had everything the company needed in one solution. It didn't need any fiddling, and began to deliver significant benefits from the moment it was installed.
"In fact, it far exceeded my expectations. I like to have total control of my business and was therefore precise about what I wanted the system to do. But I can now see that my expectations were limited by being based on the way an accounting package runs. SAP Business One can do so much more than anything I had been used to. It's the best money I've ever spent.
"We import on a wholesale basis and then break up consignments into individual items or batches in order to distribute them either to resellers or people who assemble computers," says Greenway. "So it's vital that we are able to track back orders, shipments, and current inventory in the kind of detail that allows us to see at which phase we are in any customer's order.
"Our previous accounting software simply couldn't do that sort of integrated reporting and was, in any case, very cumbersome to use."
Greenway says that SAP Business One's extremely versatile but easy to use reporting capabilities "takes the guesswork out of knowing what I need to order and which of my lines are profitable. I know at the touch of a button if someone owes me or I owe a creditor and, because of the SAP Business One internal CRM module, I can identify which are my most difficult customers, from any point of view, and take proactive steps to address the situation.
"And SAP Business One has made managing my pipeline much easier – all the way through to knowing what the lead times are on stock availability.
"All of which makes me much more competitive."
Jonathan Leenstra of AdvanceOne, CyberDyne's implementation partner, says that SAP Business One is the ideal solution for a company like CyberDyne where the administrative components of distribution are so complex and detail orientated.
"What SAP Business One does is take away the distraction of having to track your products and operations so that one can focus on growing the business – through understanding which of your customers are the profitable ones and then driving more business through them, targeting new markets with your best-performing products, and finding markets to which you can better sell your under-performing ones."
Greenway speaks about his relationship with AdvanceOne, "It was an absolute pleasure working with AdvanceOne from inception of the relationship with CyberDyne and specifically the consultant team. What impressed me the most was that Keith Morrison was not simply 'turning' up at CyberDyne every day to deploy a product, but rather took the attitude that he wanted to really understand the inner workings of my business and as a result was able to customize the SAP Business One deployment to ensure that not only did it fully meet my requirements, but exceeded them."
"Keith was extremely patient and was more than happy to spend the time on the finer details, than rush the deployment simply to move onto the next customer. I most certainly would recommend AdvanceOne without a second thought and again must credit Mr. Keith Morrison for the way he approached this project and his dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction on our side."
Greenway agrees. "One of the primary reasons we aligned ourselves with SAP by acquiring SAP Business One is that we are building a world class company. For CyberDyne to be world class, it has to use the best technology and work with the best suppliers and like me believe in having absolute control of your company from top to bottom. That's what SAP Business One gives me."