The time for talking is over, with both industry and SITA (State IT Agency) being urged to form partnerships the enable true government service delivery.

Minister of Public Services & Administration, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi today pointed out that the main beneficiaries of government's R16-billion ICT spend last year were ICT companies – rather than the citizens of South Africa.
She warns that ICT needs to start justifying the huge amounts of money being spent on it, especially in view of other demands from citizens.
For example, she points out that the R303-million spent last year on software could have been used for 14 500 child support grants; the R9,4-billion spent on networking equates to 188 000 RDP houses; and the R6,2-billion spent on services could have been used to educate 26 552 children from primary school level through university.
To ensure that ICT is used to effectively improve service delivery, she says ICT companies must stop vending and start providing real workable solutions.
They should do this by collaborating with one another and with SITA to ensure that systems make a meaningful impact.