Workgroup’s dedicated Business Objects division has announced the general local availability of Xcelsius Engage 2008, a professional business tool that helps leverage live data in interactive presentations turning static meetings into productive work sessions.

Xcelsius Engage 2008 is a data presentation and dashboard tool that helps business professionals quickly and easily transform complex business data into dynamic, actionable information, says Grant van Eck, Business Objects product manager at Workgroup who adds that it can be used by anyone familiar with a spreadsheet and can transform the way data is presented, viewed and used every day.
“With a refined and intuitive user interface, Xcelsius Engage allows customers to point and click their way to departmental and operational dashboards that delivery real-time visibility into business performance in simple, easy to understand visual models,” he says.
“The solution also allows users to mash up data from multiple Web services or internal business applications without coding. It uses Microsoft Excel as its data modelling foundation, which enables a wide range of users, both technical and non-technical, to create interactive data visualisations and dashboards.”
The interactive presentations and dashboards can be used in any business setting – from the boardroom in Microsoft PowerPoint, to internal and external Web applications or in broadly distributed content within Adobe PDF.
New features include:
* Tab Set Container: A pre-built component that allows for creation of easy to navigate multi-tab dashboards without writing any code;
* Trend Analyser: A built-in function that simplifies the task of discovering trends and patterns in data by automatically inserting statistical calculations into the Xcelsius visualisation at load time; and
* Interactive Maps: A comprehensive library of country maps for various geographical areas of the world.