Lenovo has unveiled a complete computing solution for small-to-medium business (SMB) users that includes the new SL series of ThinkPad notebooks, value-added software and unique new services.

The trio of notebooks – SL300, SL400 and SL500 – feature cutting-edge technologies, such as built-in high speed mobile broadband connectivity, excellent multimedia capabilities with an optional Blu-Ray DVD player as well as a black glossy cover for a stylish design.
To make the computing experience productive and simple, Lenovo also combined software that helps with everything from data recovery to simplifying Internet connection with a new service package featuring on-line data backup and on-site warranty repair.
"The ThinkPad name is synonymous with leadership in computing for the business user," says Peter Hortensius, senior vice-president: notebook business unit, Lenovo. "Now we're bringing the same quality and reliability that ThinkPad is known for to users in the small business space with a number of leading technologies like high speed mobile broadband."
Lenovo also announced an additional six new notebooks – the ThinkPad R400, R500, T400, T500, X200 and W500. Lenovo brings many of the technologies first pioneered in the industry-acclaimed ThinkPad X300 notebook, such as solid state drive storage, LED backlit displays and GPS functionality to the line.
The new T Series includes technologies like switchable graphics and support for Display Port. The notebooks also expand Lenovo's portfolio of Gold-rated products by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool.
All the latest ThinkPad notebooks, including the SL Series, are based on Intel's® latest Centrino 2 processor technology.
Quality, affordability and service and support are critical factors to SMB notebook users, and Lenovo's SMB solution combines all of those. Lenovo designed the notebooks for the unique way these users work – whether at home, the office, the park or coffee shop.
With the need for always-on, 24/7 connectivity growing, select models of all the ThinkPad SL notebooks are available with built-in high speed mobile broadband. Lenovo's program with AT&T and Ericsson makes providing optimised mobile broadband service even more affordable and accessible for customers.
The notebooks also feature WiFi, Ethernet and optional Bluetooth technologies.
The number of SMB users is growing dramatically. IDC forecasts that in 2009, the SMB segment will command 31 percent of the total notebook (including ultraportables) PC market worldwide. The growth in this space is outpacing the growth in traditional large volume buyers, the large enterprise and very large enterprise. In the US, IDC forecasts the SMB space to grow from 7.5-million notebook PCs in 2007 to 11.6-million in 2011.
The notebooks also excel with their multimedia capabilities. Speakers, microphones and an optional webcam provide excellent support for Internet voice and video conferencing. And support for HDMI/VGA means users can watch video content, like movies in high-definition. The ThinkPad SL Series also combines looks with performance with a glossy black top cover, a first for ThinkPad notebook design.