Pinnacle Micro is to distribute the new Apacer Combo ATA Flash Drive (CAFD253), which is aimed at meeting the demand for high-capacity, low-cost disk drives from high-end notebook and ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC) makers.

Apacer Technology Inc is the world's largest supplier of ATA disk modules (ADM).
As the latest in innovative storage technology and design, the CAFD253 is unique in combining high reliability single-level cell (SLC) flash memory with cost effective multi-level cell (MLC) flash memory in a 2.5" solid state drive (SSD). The new design raises product stability and lowers cost compared to a typical SSD.
Apacer's CAFD253 supports maximum memory capacity of up to 96GB combining 32GB SLC with 64GB MLC flash memory which can be adjusted to suit different customer demands. As with a standard IDE interface, the CAFD 253 is wholly compatible with popular operating systems.
Shane Hutchinson, Pinnacle Micro’s Apacer product manager, says: “There is no need for extra driver software. The CAFD253 housing is the same as a 2.5-inch standard drive and has no compatibility issues. It is an excellent replacement for a conventional hard drive.”
Based on the CAFD253's design, capacity and cost considerations, Apacer recommends users install OS and frequently accessed software in the SLC portion of the drive, which provides faster read/write capabilities and performance; and place less frequently accessed data in the MLC area of the drive. Under normal conditions, SLC reads at 35MB per second and writes at 25Mbps.
The CAFD253 provides all of the advantages of solid state drives including shock resistance, anti-vibration and low power consumption. Compared with conventional hard disk drives it has no noise, no latency delay, and no seek errors, said Hutchinson.
The CAFD253 supports data protection zones and built-in ECC functions, and also implements wear-leveling algorithms that substantially increase the longevity of flash media.