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Angolan insurance firm chooses SAP All-in-One


Angolan insurance company ENSA has chosen SAP All-in-One to replace a
business administration system that no longer meets its needs and to help
manage the company's IT infrastructure.

The contract is a direct one between ENSA and SAP Africa Region, the
division of global business solutions giant SAP AG, responsible for sales of
SAP products in sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa.
This is SAP Africa Region's first direct deal in the Southern African
Development Community countries.
SAP All-in-One, aimed at mid-sized enterprises, will also be used by ENSA to
manage the company's internal administration and business processes.
Says Tarné de Beer, SADC territory sales executive for SAP Africa Region:
"Thus far in Africa SAP has gone to market through business partners who
know their local environments well and have both the contacts and
infrastructure on the ground to deliver our products as well as we would.
"That strategy has worked well for us but, consistent with SAP policy
globally, we also want to build direct relationships with organisations in
Africa and, as with our services division, be the primary contact where that
seems appropriate.
"So this deal with ENSA represents our first step in that direction and
marks the success of an intensive, highly focused preparation period during
According to Mario Mota Lemos, head of ENSA's information technology (IT)
department, ENSA's previous business administration software had ceased to
meet the company's needs. "We needed a system that could integrate easily
with the solution that manages our products and client relationships and
would also help us manage our IT assets and infrastructure. We asked our IT
consultants, Deloitte, for a recommendation and their office in Portugal
suggested that we use an SAP product.
"We then contacted the SAP Africa office, where Tarné acted very quickly to
get us a quote. Speed was important to us, as we were implementing a new
insurance-specific solution at the time and wanted a business solution to be
up and running in tandem with it.
"It was also Tarné who suggested SAP All-in-One to us, as it could be
implemented faster and less expensively than the enterprise version of SAP
while still giving us all the functionality we needed."
Consultants from the Deloitte office in Angola will be ENSA's implementation
partners, with go-live scheduled for mid-year.