Established in July 1990, Compuways the local ICT recruitment and skills
specialists celebrated 18 years in IT Recruitment in July.

Compuways is the brainchild of Arnold Graaff, and was initially started as a
promotion agency for IT contracting freelancers, while he was working as a
freelance programmer.  The company gained traction when Graaff teamed up
with a general recruiter and began focusing on all aspects of IT
recruitment, resulting in the Compuways we now know today.
"IT placements compared to general placements are very much skills-based,
therefore a lot of effort goes into ensuring the applicant¹s skill-levels
are up to standard," says Arnold Graaff, managing director at Compuways.
"Other factors like team type and industry, as well as oriented matching
must be taken into account when placing candidates with an employer. All of
that needs to happen before we even look at the softer aspects of candidate
matching such as culture and personality types."
The secret of Compuways success has hinged around the development of an
electronic database driven system that firstly categorises applicants and
then matches them to positions.  Being a computer programmer since 1982 and
after obtaining his Hons Degree in Computer Science in 1988 Graaff himself
was deeply entrenched in the development of the system, and touts it as a
unique contributor to the success of Compuways in the IT recruitment space.
Graaff states that the system provides crucial support throughout the entire
recruitment process. In the year 2000, the system was given a Web Interface,
in essence automating much of the manual process, and in turn enabling
recruiters, applicants and employers to provide their inputs throughout the
recruitment process.
"We attribute our success to our ability to deliver the right calibre of
candidate to the right kind of company, time and again, and across the whole
spectrum of the IT skills base," says Graaff.
Compuways prides itself on having grown through many IT industry
developments such as ERP, Object Orientation, as well as the Mainframe and
Mini's right through to contemporary networks. In the IT industry times and
technologies have changed considerably requiring an array of different
skills. Throughout its 18 years Compuways has provided top-notch candidates,
delivering from learnerships to CIO's, ERP consultants, technicians and
"Compuways has built a strong brand throughout the years and nurtured loyal
client relationships – some of our clients are still with us since our
inception. I believe our success can be attributed to our taking pride in
every placement we make," says Graaff.