D-Link is now shipping the 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure, a secure and
powerful solution for storing and accessing documents across the network and
over the Internet, offering tool-less drive installation, OLED display and
Gigabit connectivity along with scalable features for easy expansion.

The new D-Link 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure (DNS-343) is designed to
enhance file sharing, secure important data, offering unparalleled backup
and recovery features for small-to-medium business (SMB).
The DNS-343 can operate in a variety of drive configurations including
Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, 1, and 5 to offer customers flexibility when
configuring their data safeguard strategy.
The 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure rounds off the D-Link family of network
storage devices that now include 2-, 4-, 8-, and 15-bay solutions.
With its tool-less installation, the DNS-343 is designed to accommodate up
to four SATA drives that can be inserted without any tools or attaching
cables. In addition, this Network Storage Enclosure is a scalable solution,
allowing users to start with one SATA hard disk drive (HDD) and add three
more to accommodate growth.
"This Network Storage Enclosure represents the next-generation of storage
performance and protection, offering an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use
solution for storing and sharing digital media across the office network,"
says Karien Wood, marketing manager for D-Link in South Africa. "It
addresses the growing market need to store an ever-increasing amount of
data, while offering built-in protection to keep valuable data, photos,
videos and other important files intact."
The 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure OLED displays important information
including IP address, hard drive statistics, temperature, RAID status, and
server status (FTP and UpnP).
The DNS-343 provides a variety of data protection options to help avoid data
loss due to hard drive failure. It offers simplified management software,
allowing users to create schedules and rules including real-time full or
incremental backups and storage quotas for specific user groups. Using the
included Memeo backup software, users can automatically safeguard data on to
the DNS-343 to create a failsafe protection solution from accidental data
loss on the PC.
The D-Link Network Storage Enclosure also features a USB port that can act
as a print server port, allowing a USB printer to be added to the network
without the need for a dedicated computer. The USB port can also support an
Uninterruptible Universal Power Supply (UPS) monitor that supports smart
signalling over a USB connection. In the event of a power outage, the UPS
monitor would safely shut the unit down and then automatically power back up
when power resumes.
For flexible usage, the DNS-343 includes features such as a built-in FTP
server to access files over the Internet and a UPnP Media Server to stream
digital content to compatible media players.