London Fire Brigade, the UK's largest fire brigade is using SAS in its fight
to decrease the number of fire incidents and save the lives of London's

Software from SAS, the leader in business intelligence and predictive
analytics, helps the brigade to prioritise the allocation of fire prevention
resources by enabling the brigade to predict and pin-point specific
households most at risk of fire.
A key aim of London Fire Brigade is to prevent fire incidents before they
occur. Part of this drive is a programme of home fire-safety visits to
advise London's households on how to prevent and safeguard against fire. To
be most effective, the brigade must direct resources where fire risk is
highest. The brigade relies on SAS to provide this critical information.
SAS' software analyses, amongst other factors, demographic information,
geographical locations, historical data, and land-use and deprivation levels
to create life-style profiles for London households.
The profiles highlight those at the highest levels of fire risk. By using
SAS, the London Fire Brigade has moved away allocating resources based
purely on historical data; it can now predict much more accurately where
fire may occur, which means those at highest risk can be targeted and
The London Fire Brigade must have the most robust, reliable and accurate
analytics software in place to ensure it is delivering the highest quality
fire prevention programme, thus preventing the loss of life. SAS was chosen
as it met the brigade's stringent criteria; it also has extensive support
options and the reputation as the leader in predictive analytics.
Since implementation, the brigade increased the efficiency and speed of
report generation, meaning the London Fire Brigade team spends less time on
using the technology and more time in deploying its results.
Andy Mobbs, risk information manager at London Fire Brigade, says: "As the
UK's largest fire brigade, we aim to lead the way and drive the agenda in
terms of fire prevention and safety. We are the first brigade to use such
sophisticated analytics as part of our efforts and SAS' software enables us
to base our decisions on real facts rather than second guessing."
Ian Manocha, MD of SAS UK states: "This is an incredibly important
partnership for SAS. What could be more important than saving lives? We hope
that other fire brigades around the country take the lead set by London Fire
Brigade and understand the benefits that predictive analytics can provide
for their boroughs."