Sahara is set for a restucture, and will fold three of its regional Sahara Distribution companies into Annex Distribution.

Atul Gupta, chairman and MD at Sahara, says the reason for the realignment of its divisions is consistent with the various changes being made to the operational processes and to also ensure that it all ties in with the upgrade of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
"This is a natural step in our global growth strategy, one that has at its base the intention to clearly segment distribution and vendor portfolios," says Gupta.
"We are adopting a phased approach that will initially involve the streamlining of our distribution and brand management divisions. This will see an amalgamation of three regional Sahara Distribution companies into Annex Distribution."
The three regions involved are Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.
Sahara Computers is the group's brand vendor and multinational assembly division. As a result of the move the company's product range will be incorporated into the Annex Distribution line-up and offering.
As such, Annex Distribution will maintain its position as master distributor within the group. To this end the company is currently focused on business migration and the deployment of additional resources.
In response to the question of timing and value to its market, Gupta points out that this development should be seen in the context of the culmination of steady, progressive growth across the group and the natural maturity of roles of each division.
"We are in the process of engaging directly with our customers and assisting them in ensuring a smooth transition. Ultimately this will yield substantial benefit for our customers through a streamlined structure and improved operational efficiency," Gupta adds.