Cyberoam, a vendor of Identity-based Unified Threat Management (UTM)
solutions received the 'Positive' rating by Gartner in its June 2008 "Market
Scope for Multifunction Firewalls for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)."
Cyberoam believes it stands out in the crowded UTM market through its unique
identity-based network access.

Referring to the evaluation criteria for the innovation category, the
Gartner report, authored by Gartner analysts Greg Young and Adam Hils
includes, "Innovation, including R&D, and quality differentiators, such as
performance, meeting customer requirements in a timely manner, integration
with other security products, management interface and clarity of reporting.
"The more a product mirrors the workflow of the enterprise operation
scenario, the better the vision. Products that are not intuitive in
deployment or operations are difficult to configure, or have limited
reporting scores. Solving customer problems is a key element of this
category. Reducing the rules base, interproduct support and leading
competitors on features are important."
Cyberoam's identity-based network access and control gives visibility into
'Who is Doing What?' in the network and controls the individual user
activity. In doing so, it offers great granularity in controls based on each
user's business requirements, supporting the workflow of the organisation,
high levels of business flexibility as well as proactive security against
evolving attack patterns.
In addition, its multi-core technology offers high performance and
scalability for rapidly growing SMBs. It also offers ease in deployment and
operation, meeting the requirements of SMBs who lack dedicated IT resources
to manage security.
The Gartner report adds: "Overall, the worldwide SMB multifunction firewall
market was approximately $1.2 billion in 2007, with a forecast 35% to 40%
compound annual growth rate through 2011. The SMB multifunction firewall
market is a highly competitive, fragmented market, with more than 20 active
Cyberroam is distributed in South African by Channel Data.