A South African financial investment support company, Onesys, has become the
first in the country to deploy the latest generation in data management
technologies, DataTrawler.

Bateleur Software launched DataTrawler in this country last year through its
partnership with the product's UK-based developer, Datactics, to assist
local clients maximise business opportunities, enhance customer
communications and streamline services with access to a trustworthy source
of data everywhere, everytime.
Onesys provides financial, HR, IT and other support services to various
clients that deal with myriad financial investment and services transactions
from small loans to legal collections. It first noticed a real need for data
quality software when its clients began experiencing problems with collating
and confirming important, and sometimes sensitive, information.
The large amount of client data accumulated over the last 14 years and often
in disparate systems and records posed a major challenge for them when it
came to creating a manageable Single View of Customer (SVC), and then
viewing this information concurrently with a loan application.
Says Bateleur's data quality product manager Lizette Sander: "The goal at
Onesys was to consolidate 150-million records of client data to 22-million
records of cleaned and standardised data, with a master (SVC) record for
each client.
"With a large part of the client base in rural areas and townships, as well
as many areas with names that have been changed over the years, Onesys
needed to update and confirm all their information, making it comparable and
easily accessible.
"Acknowledged as the fastest data matching solution available today,
DataTrawler handled the task with ease and the data can now be easily mined,
allowing Onesys to spot trends, as well as comply with National Loan
Register legislation."
Onesys began implementing DataTrawler in January this year and it took one
data analyst just four months to clean all 150 million records owing to the
user-friendly application. The new referenced database at Onesys allows
contact information coming from different sources in differing formats to be
pulled together into a single view for each client, enabling Onesys to
easily follow up on a client and have accurate contact details.
DataTrawler has also enriched the data that Onesys uses, leading to a 30 to
40% confirmation rate increase without the tedious and time-consuming
data-enrichment difficulty experienced before.
Data mining of this newly enriched information has allowed for a better
understanding of customers and enables Onesys to predict trends for future
business growth and branch placement – this being their customers' visible
side, having over 89 branches nationwide.
Maritz Aldum, director of Onesys, comments that the most impressive feature
of DataTrawler is its profiling capability which allows a data analyst to
pinpoint the data issue thereby decreasing the time needed to clean and
standardise the information.
"You can do so much if the data quality is good, it opens avenues; without
clean data, you have nothing," he said, adding that the data quality is
trackable and very visible, and the Data Trawler interface is very easy to
"Now that the data is clean, it is easy for our branches to use and has
saved them many hours of time. Our investment in the software has certainly
paid off; in fact, I would rate it as a value for money acquisition," says
Datactics' DataTrawler has over 50 customers in the United Kingdom. A very
flexible solution that can be used in many diverse applications and across a
wide range of business activities such as direct marketing, supply chain,
government, intelligence and financial services, it combines powerful data
processing techniques with the latest generation of tuneable, transparent
and intuitive data management technologies.
"Good data is the foundation of all good business decisions, so mastering
data is not a luxury – it is mandatory," concludes Sander.