Sun Microsystems has announced the availability of the JavaFX Preview
release at:

The JavaFX Preview release provides web scripters, designers and Java
developers with a preview of the runtime and tools needed to create amazing
Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on the Java platform. Developers can
download the JavaFX Preview release, explore the code samples and tutorials,
start writing JavaFX applications and provide their feedback to Sun.
JavaFX is the rich client platform for building RIA and content across all
the screens of your life (PC, mobile, TV and other consumer devices). JavaFX
allows developers to quickly and easily build high-impact, immersive RIAs
that combine 2D and 3D graphics, high fidelity audio and video, and
animation, all while leveraging the power and functionality of the existing
Java platform.
"With this announcement, Sun is delivering on the commitment it made in May
at JavaOne (SM) to deliver a preview of JavaFX to the RIA community," says
Ken Wallich, vice-president of JavaFX at Sun. "Only the Java platform is
pervasive enough to allow developers to build and deploy RIAs across
desktops and browsers on more than 800 million PCs, as well as billions of
mobile phones and devices. JavaFX builds upon this foundation to deliver
immersive and rich presentation capabilities to the existing Java platform."
The JavaFX Preview release is designed to help early adopters become
familiar with JavaFX and is not yet being offered for commercial
applications. The JavaFX Preview release consists of the following
* JavaFX Preview SDK: Provides the JavaFX compiler and runtime tools, 2D
graphics and media libraries to create highly interactive applications for
desktop and browser, as well as tutorials, API documentation and sample
* NetBeans 6.1 IDE with integrated JavaFX plug-in: Provides a sophisticated
development environment to build, preview, and debug JavaFX applications.
* Project Nile: An easy to use tool that exports creative assets from Adobe
Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to JavaFX applications.
* Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10 Beta: Delivers a high performance
runtime with a new browser plug-in that provides the ability to drag a live
running applet out of a web browser and dynamically transform it into an
application running on the desktop.