Xerox's latest colour multifunction printer (MFP), the WorkCentre 7346,
features print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute (ppm) in colour and 45ppm
in monochrome, a 667MHz processor, 1,5Gb of memory, and a 40Gb hard drive.

The net result is that when office workers send files loaded with images,
from spreadsheets to graphic-rich presentations, to the printer, colleagues
will not be left standing in a queue.
While documents with complex images traditionally slow down print jobs, the
optional new Electronics For Imaging (EFI) Fiery print server for the
WorkCentre 7300 series speeds up the process. This makes the WorkCentre 7346
and print server combination suited for offices that need to print a variety
of files, such as marketing and publishing groups.
In addition, the EFI Fiery print server provides easy-to-use colour
management controls for ensuring colour accuracy.
"Offices of any size thrive on speed," says Warren Lock, product manager,
Office Systems Group at Bytes Document Solutions, distributor of Xerox
products and solutions to 24 African countries. "At the same time, they
demand quality and affordable technology. It's a tall order that the
WorkCentre 7346 fulfils. This system is designed to cut down the print queue
so that employees can send a file to the printer, grab and go."
The WorkCentre 7346 is also equipped with tools such as Auditron and Xerox
Standard Accounting, which regulate and track colour usage, giving users the
ability to manage costs by choosing when, where and how much colour they
The security features of the WorkCentre 7346 protect sensitive data at all
points of vulnerability, from the device, hard drive and network, to the
document itself. An audit log tracks the date and user of every job the
device processes. Users can also be sure that documents remain confidential
with Secure Print, a feature that allows users to enter a pin at the device
before printing begins.
The WorkCentre 7346 is enabled with Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform
(EIP), a technology inside many Xerox MFPs. Based on Web standards, EIP
allows independent software vendors and developers to easily create
applications for multifunction systems that simplify document-based work
processes, such as forms registration, and customise the touch screen for
personalised workflows for individuals and workgroups.