Accsys has developed and introduced to market the Accsys Fingerprint
Biometric Clock identification solution, based on fingerprint-only biometric

The company has established a firm reputation in the market for its
leadership in card/tag-based biometric clocking systems that work in
conjunction with fingerprint technology, in the biometric verification
clocks which have been on the market for some years.
This offering has now been expanded with the introduction of the Biometric
only fingerprint clock solution which can run off Local Area Network (LAN),
Wide Area Network (WAN), Internet or VPN (Virtual Private Network)
networking infrastructure.
The new fingerprint identification solution incorporates the Suprema reader
technology and is targeted at any sized organization or business that
requires higher levels of management over time & attendance, security and
access control.
Suprema's reader technology ensures that the clock reads fingerprints at 300
milliseconds. In practice this means that an employee who clocks in for work
will have his or her fingerprint instantly recorded and matched to one which
is already stored within the clock's database.
Once the fingerprint is 'read', information is correlated and sent
immediately to the database housed within a central server at head office,
for example. This one-step reporting and verification process takes place in
a matter of seconds.
"To the best of our knowledge this is one of the fastest biometric
fingerprint-only readers on the market," says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys.
"The solution has been developed in South Africa by local experts for the
South African market. As such we are very proud to be at the forefront of
industry defining innovation that is locally designed, supported and
The new solution was recently showcased by the company at the Securex
Exhibition in Sandton, Johannesburg, and is brought to the market as an
extension of the company's existing offering that includes the required
Accsys is confident of the value the solution will present to users and has
already initiated roll out to various sites throughout the country. The
clock has been in beta testing for four months with excellent results.
Management believes the offering strengthens its ability to meet both local
and international requirements, and improves its level of competitiveness
with the service provider space.
"Access control and security are critical aspects of general HR management
across industries and sectors. Biometric technology is certainly a popular
route for companies and is proving a worthwhile investment for businesses
that have to streamline and enhance control over staff and resources," adds